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This web site was written by Sylvain Corlay, Gilles Pagès and Jacques Printems.

Sylvain Corlay (LPMA-Université Paris 6, UMR 7599), Sylvain Corlay's personal Web page

Gilles Pagès (LPMA-Université Paris 6, UMR 7599), Gilles Pagès' personal Web page

Jacques Printems (CMP12-Université Paris 12, UMR 8050), Jacques Printems' personal Web page

Citing the optimal quantization website

If the information or the quantization grids available on this website have been significant to a project that leads to an academic publication, please acknowledge that fact by citing the project. Here are both a BibTex and a plain text reference you can use:

        Author = {Corlay, Sylvain and Pag\`es, Gilles and Printems, Jacques},
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Sylvain Corlay, Gilles Pagès and Jacques Printems. The optimal quantization website, 2005, http://www.quantize.maths-fi.com